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Begazed is a marketplace for purchasing auto parts and hire a certified mechanic. Purchasing auto parts online and schedule a mechanic to install them wherever you are either at home or office. We are the only destination on the internet where you can get products that comes with professionals.

All our professionals are background checked and verified for quality. All you have to do is purchase a product and request for a service, and consider it done.

The future of social networking is here, the future is Begazed.

Our vehicles are an essential part of our life. However, repairing our vehicle is always been a frustrating experience. The most troubling part of our experience when our local auto mechanic charges us an unexpected price for the simple repairs.
In today’s day and age maintaining our vehicles should be a super convenient experience. Thus, we have created a solution to this problem. Simply select the service, book an appointment and of our vetted certified auto mechanic will be at your service. They will come to you and while you continue doing things that matter to you the most.

Auto Mechanic Services

Our Services

Our Auto Mechanic services include ear Window Transmission Replacement, Universal Joint (U-joint) Replacement, Windshield Washer Hose Replacement, Windshield Wiper Switch Replacement, Windshield Washer Pump Replacement, etc.

Auto Parts Store

Begazed provides a complete shopping journey. We want to provide our customers with the lifestyle of a celebrity, when it comes to apparel, decorating our house, fixing our cars, and things we need to use on our daily basis. Our unique experience enables our customers to purchase merchandise with the help of experts in their industry. When our customers purchase apparel, shoes, and accessories we want them to have a stylist by their side to help them select the type of clothes that makes them stand ot off crowd.
Additionally, we made 2 days shipping our free standard shipping, so you no longer have to pay for shipping or yearly subscription.

Our Products

Our Life Style Store is one of a kind in the entire USA. Weather its about apparel or auto parts, you can depend on our products.

I required a quick fix for my car, my brake was broken. I contact with Begazed, However the provided sound recommendation for my transportation wants that didn’t work in his favor financially. Their Auto Mechanic was honest and knowledgeable who takes the time to do what’s in best interest of the client. For me that’s above and beyond service.

Darío Pineda

Very skilled auto mechanic service provider, fixed noise of my sedan when taking sharp right turn last month, just took couple of hours and also offered me a free ride. Their cost is also very reasonable for both labor and parts. Now my sedan is running smooth again. Thank you so much Begazed.com.

Lisa Smith

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