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About Begazed

A completely new way to shop.

Begazed was established back in 2017 to solve a significant problem of purchasing products that come with associated services. This led us to create a mobile marketplace for such merchandise, with a simple goal of making the products and associated services affordable, convenient, transparent and trustworthy.

Purchasing a product and looking for a professional, is not only time-consuming and frustrating, but it is also often expensive, as customers often lack the requisite knowledge, clarity, and visibility when hiring a professional, and hence they pay the expensive price for such ignorance.

Our underlining motivation stems from the understanding that most of the time, the competent professionals who put in the hard work to provide quality services that guarantee their customer’s satisfaction in their professional delivery, do not get the opportunity to render such services and be of help to a lot of customers. This is largely due to the lack of visibility and recognition. Consequently, they end up making less than they deserve (less than 30% of what consumers pay).

Our core objective is to help customers hire trusted professionals for all their service needs. We work with a team of young, energetic and passionate professionals, who work tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of people, by catering to their service needs seamlessly.

We provide complete automotive services which consist of Belts, Brakes, Diagnostics, Engine, Exhaust system, and Fluids.

Our Mission

Creating opportunities for people and businesses around the world to reach their full potential with innovative employment opportunities.

Our Vision

Everything we do at begazed is aimed at changing the way you live. We want to change the way the world views work. We believe that shopping should be a social experience that promotes an individual’s marketable skill while providing a memorable satisfactory service experience to the shopper.