>>How to Prepare Your Car for Winter?

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter?

Have you prepared your car ready for the cold weather? It’s not just a question of heating the car when you drive through the snow or icy pavements. You need to ensure that your car can cope with cold and sometimes slippery or unseen conditions. Here are what you should do to keep you and your family safe on the streets in winter.

Keep an emergency winter care box in your car

Essential winter-specific items should include an ice scraper and a small shovel. A carpet residue, a cat litter or sand for traction; Blankets, gloves and changing warm clothing for you and your family; and some high-energy snacks such as nuts, chocolate, and beef jerky. Other important things you should have with you a durable flashlight (for checking the batteries periodically), an extra charger for cell phones, emergency lights, and a first-aid box.

Prevent your engine from freezing by monitoring your antifreeze and coolant mixture

As the name implies, antifreeze prevents your engine from freezing during the winter months. If your coolant mixture is diluted, the engine may freeze, and you may remain stranded. Being stranded isn’t fun in any season, but it can be hazardous when it’s cold outside.

Check tire pressure and tread depth

Follow the recommendations of your vehicle handbook for printing and make sure your tires have sufficient profile. To check the tread depth, put a penny with the head of Lincoln inward in the tread of the tire. Most tire shops recommend that, if Lincoln’s head is not hidden by the treads, your treads are worn out, and you should replace your tires as soon as possible.

However, the average new tire has 10 to 11/32 inches of tread. If you can see Lincoln’s forehead, there are 2/32 left. Most people living in snow-capped areas like the Colorado Mountains will testify that all-season tires lose grip in the snow at 50% of the tread.

Bear in mind that the “tread” has two purposes:

  1. puncture resistance,
  2. “pumping” standing rainwater between the tire and the road as the tire rotates

The traction of ice and snow is achieved by “tire mixing,” which is a blend of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and oils. High-mileage tires have lower traction than ‘winter/snow tires,’ which are better at grip but more worn. Exposure to UV and heat deteriorates the composition of the tires so that all tires can lose their grip on relatively small miles and quite a few profiles.

For those who are serious about winter training, they are investing in the second set of wheels with winter tires for the winter and all-season tires for the summer. If you’re lucky enough to have a full-service provider like Begazed, with every set of tires you buy from us, we’ll provide you with seasonal tire changes, tire rotations, tire repairs, tire replacement, and off-season storage, all at no extra charge.

Make use of winter windshield wiper fluid

The windscreen wiper fluid that you use in the winter months is not suitable for use in cold, winter climates like ours. In our cold weather, the liquid will freeze as soon as it hits your windshield. Change to winter fluid in the cold months. Winter liquid helps your wiper blades to remove ice and snow from the windshield and does not freeze.

We hope to have enlightened you on some useful tips on how to prepare your car for the winter. Are there other ideas you found helpful for the winterization of your vehicle? We’d love to hear from you. As winter weather approaches, it’s always a good idea to have your car checked out to ensure that you and your family is safe on the icy roads.

Our vehicles are an integral part of our lives. However, repairing our vehicle is always a frustrating experience. The most worrying part of our experience is when our local auto mechanic charges us an exorbitant price for the easy repairs.

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