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Stabilizer Bar Bushings Replacement

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Bushings that are loose won’t be a safety hazard, but they’ll be very annoying to drive with. However, if they are missing, it can be a lot worse. Instead of taking the risk of more damage to your vehicle from increased shock by driving, have an expert mechanic come by a repair this right on your driveway.

Services we Provide:

  • Complete inspection on Stabilizer Bar Bushings Replacement
  • Stabilizer Bar Bushings Replacement
  • Stabilizer Bar Bushings Replacement disposal
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Service Overview:

Stabilizing bars are important to keep your car level on turns. The bushings keep them in place. Instead of flipping over and losing its center of gravity, the vehicle’s stabilizer bars help shift and take the weight from your vehicle during the turn. This also helps reduce the rolling effects that you would otherwise feel inside your vehicle. If the bushings are damaged, then you may start rolling around when that next sharp turn comes around.


  • Clunking noise when going over bumps
  • Squeak when turning
  • Feelings of a shaky ride when turning

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At Begazed, we offer you an inspection and written estimate, and we will never stack on added services and charges. We also employ state-certified and insured mechanics who have the know-how and experience for any service we advertise.


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