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Steering Rack/Gearbox Replacement

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Accidents happen most often from a driver saying “the wheel got away from me!” If the wheel starts to even slightly feel like it is “getting away from you”, stop driving immediately. You may even want to pull into the next parking lot if you feel it getting awful. Either way, this is no joke. Have your gearbox replaced by an expert mechanic who can come by and fix it, and do not drive until the problem is solved.

Services we Provide:

  • Complete inspection on Steering Rack/Gearbox
  • Steering Rack/Gearbox Replacement
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Service Overview:

The steering system known as the rack and pinion system includes u-joints and other shafts that help turn your wheel.

The gearbox is the rack system that works in conjunction with the power steering. The other components helps several ton of vehicles to move with just one hand.


  • Power steering fluid leaks from engine or underneath car
  • Steering feels loose or sloppy

Begazed Customer Commitment

At Begazed, we offer you an inspection and written estimate, and we will never stack on added services and charges. We also employ state-certified and insured mechanics who have the know-how and experience for any service we advertise.


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